How Can You Get Chemical Pneumonia from Vaping?

Nowadays, the dangers of vaping are showing up everywhere. The city of Milwaukee is urging its residents to immediately stop any use of vaping or e-cigarette devices. The City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) has released the statement warning against residents that 16 people had recently been hospitalized after developing chemical on Wednesday. According to the press release, all of the individuals reported using vape products .

What is chemical pneumonia?

Chemical pneumonia can develop after inhaling chemicals that cause the lungs to become inflamed. It’s hard to identify which chemical are to blame for the irritation, because a lot of different chemicals can be harmful. It can be hard to tell exactly what causes chemical pneumonia. The substances can vary from product to product. According to the US National Library of Medicine (NLM), some of the most common dangerous inhaled substances include chlorine gas, grain and fertilizer dust, fumes from pesticides, smoke from house fires or wildfires.

Symptoms of chemical pneumonia

Harmful chemicals can get even trickier to pinpoint where vaping plays a role in chemical pneumonia. Toxin is causing because it is not known much about the additives in flavoring agents used in e-cigarettes. The symptoms of chemical pneumonia are similar to symptoms that equate with other forms of pneumonia. Chest pain, cough, shortness of breath, and fever are to name some few. According to the MHD’s press release, other symptoms they’re warning their residents about is include fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, and diarrhea.

Most of the diagnoses are made clinically, based on symptoms and are found in x-rays. When most of the patients simply avoid exposure to e-cigarettes after being diagnosed with chemical pneumonia, their symptoms improve. Other treatment methods include corticosteroids, per the NLM, to help reduce inflammation in the lungs. Oxygen therapy, which typically employs a ventilator, and a feeding tube may be needed in more severe cases. If left untreated, respiratory failure or death can occur. The prevent can be done in most cases of chemical pneumonia by only using household chemicals as directed. Always wearing breathing masks or limiting exposure to chemicals in workplace environments. But when it comes to preventing chemical pneumonia from vaping, there’s a clear option to stop vaping. The lungs are made to breathe just clean air where inhaling any kind of chemical, that can trigger an inflammatory response.

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